Regenerative Medicine

If you've experienced limited success from traditional orthopedic treatments, consider exploring the potential of OrthoBiologics. This innovative approach uses natural tissue-derived compounds to help your body heal faster and restore function while avoiding surgery in many cases. Our expert team at Optimize You are here to provide more information on this exciting therapy option and guide you through a personalized evaluation, helping determine if it's right for your needs.

Our bodies were naturally equipped to heal themselves. But with advances in regenerative medicine, treatments are now available that augment your body's natural healing process. This means relief from pain or sports injuries and even a combat against the signs of aging - no surgery required.

Our mission is simple: Give you access to cutting-edge healthcare investments so you can live life exactly as it was meant for you to experience it—with ease, comfort and vitality.


What is Orthobiologics?

Orthobiologics are naturally derived compounds, sourced from the body's tissue components of carbohydrates, proteins, and cells. When administered in higher concentrations to targeted areas, they help reduce inflammation as well as improve recovery time for injuries like broken bones or damaged muscles and ligaments. This results in reducing pain levels and improving your quality of life. Our orthobiologic conditions we treat include arthritis, tendon/ligament tears and strains, overuse injury issues, and severe inflammation.

Platelet Rich Plasma and Minimally Invasive Procedures

Are you living with persistent pain or dysfunction that hasn't responded to physical therapy, bracing, anti-inflammatory medication, and even cortisone injections? Orthobiologics could be the answer. Our clinical professionals are here to help create a customized treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs so you can get back on track enjoying life without pain's restrictions.

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