Performance and Recovery

Performance therapy is an effective and specialized physical approach towards musculoskeletal health, setting you on the path to peak performance. Not only does this form of treatment provide long-term solutions for individuals struggling with pain, but also offers preventative measures against injuries.

Performance therapy consists of manual therapies, corrective exercises, and stretching techniques. It functions in alleviating muscular imbalances, correcting postural dysfunctions, improving strength and endurance levels, reducing fatigue, and increasing flexibility - all leading up to heightened range of motion that boosts your individual performances beyond expectations.


Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine is a proactive approach to safeguarding health and well-being. From studying causes of disease, evaluating healthcare services, or providing direct patient care, our expert medical team strives to avoid injury or illness before it can occur.

Our patients benefit from having access to the newest discoveries across various fields that contribute to their well-being, like biostatistics, epidemiology, economics, and social sciences. We strive for excellence in providing medical advice backed by accurate science while also creating a convenient experience at an affordable cost.

We are driven to bring a revolution to modern integrative medicine by pursuing all options that are not accepted by the broken healthcare system. We are one of the only clinics in the United States to offer a comprehensive detailed report utilizing your existing insurance, as well offering modern cash only treatment options.

Sports and Human Potential Optimization

It’s our mission to empower you on your journey back to full strength. We understand the importance of having durable medical equipment that fits comfortably and provides lasting support so you can achieve physical goals with peace-of-mind.

Our customized options will ensure a tailored fit designed for longevity ensuring long term success.

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